TEA School Student Procedures

Student Outside Work

Rules and regulations for student outside work

These rules and regulations are taken from the TEA School student handbook. The complete handbook can be downloaded here

  1. 1) A student must seek approval from the School faculty to undertake any paid or unpaid professional work in performing or technical arts outside the Academy, by completing the Academy Full-Time Student’s Engagement in Curriculum-related-Internship/On-campus Part-time Work Application Form, which is available at the School Office. Failure to obtain permission to work off campus on any performing or technical arts event may result in the faculty recommending that a student be sent a Letter of Concern or be placed on Probation or not be allowed to Graduate.

  2. 2) Students who intend to accept non-technical arts work outside the Academy should also inform their Mentor and Head of Department so they will be aware of their employment outside the Academy.

  3. 3) If the faculty-approved employment involves the use of Academy facilities or materials, the student must seek written permission from the Academy Production Manager before undertaking the job. The Academy Production Office will recharge all charges incurred to the student.

  4. 4) Non-local Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree students (termed as “degree students”) with relevant “No Objection Letter” (NOL) issued by the HKSAR Immigration Department are permitted to take up part-time on-campus employment for not more than 20 hours a week through the academic year; and employment during the summer months (1 June to 31 August) without any limit in relation to nature of work, work hours and location.

  5. 5) In accordance with the Immigration regulations, non-local sub-degree & visiting students are not permitted to take up any work in Hong Kong, paid or unpaid. Besides, their application for engagement in curriculum-related internship/outreach activities in Hong Kong are subject to approval of Immigration Department on a case by case basis.

Student Outside Work


It is important to ensure that any outside work does not conflict with your studies at the APA.




Outside work must not be undertaken when it impacts on a student's academic studies


By submitting this form I agree to abide by the terms and conditions


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TEA School Work Study Programme

Work study is organised by the TEA School to facilitate students to be paid to work on Tea School projects. The opportunity to engage in the Work Study Programme will be posted up for elligable students to apply.

  1. 1) Work-Study Grants are awarded to students for non-academic credit type work at a wage level of normally HK$50.00 per hour. Students interested in participating in this programme should contact the HOD of their study programme. Work assignments may include: assistants in workshops, checking out props, checking out costumes, maintaining and cleaning storage areas and workshops, keeping inventory, video taping productions for archival purposes, photographing production for archival purposes and minor equipment maintenance.

  2. 2) Assignments are not a part of a study programme so a student will not receive credit and pay for completing the same work.

TEA School Equipment Booking

The TEA School has some basic AV equipment, camers, computers available for students to use. These items are booked via the School Office after completion of the booking form.

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