EDT Student Procedures

Student Study Stream Selection.

For the final two years of your residency within the EDT Department of the School of Theatre & Entertainment Arts, each student is required to select a study stream.

The EDT BFA 1 and 2 years provide fundamental knowledge in Lighting, Sound and Stage Technology. There are also a series of support study courses providing the necessary background knowledge. Studying these courses is the pre-requisite for the courses of the BFA 3 programme.

In the BFA 3 year the student can select an area of Major study. The Major study areas are:

  • Lighting Design
  • Lighting Technology
  • Sound Design
  • Sound System Design
  • Music Recording
  • Technical Direction

Each study stream has a core study area with support studies and electives. All EDT BFA 2 courses are open as electives for EDT students. By selecting your electives you can study your major stream and a set of electives to give yourself a unique set of skills.

When chosing a study stream option, the curriculum will include courses from other study streams. i.e., if you select lighting design, you will also study lighting technology, but not to such a depth as if you choose lighing technology as the study stream. Because there are three different study streams in sound, there are more combinations that you can select from.

EDT BFA Study Stream Selection Procedure

Each EDT BFA 2 student should complete the BFA 2 Study Stream selection Online Form below. Complete the form by the required deadline


You should consider talking to your mentor and/or other members of the EDT teaching staff. This is a very important decision and you should consider your options very carefully.


Complete the form below to submit your study stream selection. You will have been informed of teh deadline to complete the form.

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